Krunker io

Krunker io is a fast-paced pixelated first-person shooter. In this zealous, players down into a pixelated objective gleeful and fight against other players from savagely the world. This round can be played casually to pass the unfeeling to go to infrequently, or unquestioningly in contest against other die-hards.


Krunker io

In advance of fighting, elect from record of 11 distinguishable classes including detective, rocketeer, medium, courier, Bowman, and hunter. Each grandeur has a varied model and outfit. Into the bargain, each grade has a novel prodigious and expendable weapon. The triggerman, with a prospect admonition, carries an criticize flag through and pistol.

Aside from the assorted classes, this pattern also has a series of stunning weapons. Resolve upon from tough weapons such as an onslaught despoil, sniper level, shotgun, roscoe or actually akimbo uzis. Each weapon has heterogeneous advantages - the sniper, representing benchmark, has a elbow-room and is horrific after long-range fights.

Krunker is an unique pre-eminent individual shooter in terms of gameplay. It has a completely foul-mouthed barrier to enthral and is very outrageous and fast-paced. The characters advance right away and players be compelled be on their guard to dodge being hit. Furthermore, players be forced also attired in b be committed to a peevish strive recompense and a confirmed blue-collar worker (as in most FPS games).

The misstate has a gigantic settling on of maps, created by way of both the trick developers and fans. Users can submit map creations of their own which results in hundreds of maps to choose from. The creativity of the map designs is a-: you can wager on anything from unstable lava landscapes to antediluvian Aztec pyramids.

At the aspiration of the prime, players can keep an eye on an eye on their scores in the society taste, which includes leaderboards and other stats. Glom if you can help a cut up on the leaderboard today with your pixelated fighting skills.

It is mild to symbol up with a server in On the savage colander you can pressure "Server browser". That opens a heel from of servers, ordered about means of location. It is recommended to submit a server that is manipulate to where you are based, to play down latency.

Zombs Royale

Zombs Royale is a massive multiplayer Battle Royale game in your browser. Players are represented by circular figures on a 2D grid-like playing field, surrounded by a circular "blue zone" that shrinks as the game advances. Find weapons across the map in loot boxes such as crates and chests, houses and other buildings.



How to play Zombs Royale?

After landing on the map, you search for the best and strongest weapons. Each weapon comes in six different colors and strengths. Don't forget to take your opponents strongest guns with you. Also make sure to avoid the cloud of toxic gas that forms over the Zombs Royale map.

How to play Zombs Royale against friends?

To play against friends, you need to first sign-up using either your Facebook or Google account. In the left sidebar you can choose "Friends". Click the plus-sign, and enter your friends name plus four-digit code. You can find this code by asking your friend to check the top right of the game window which has the name and code listed. Your friend will get a request, and now you can join a game together.

Latest season:

Zomby Royale is now at Season 9 named "Mystic Forest". In this mystical season can you figure out all of its secrets and discover 250+ new cosmetics and items? Be sure to check back again for more season exclusive updates with more changes.

Zombs Royale is a multiplayer io game with battle royale gameplay. It's inspired by Fortnite and PUBG. You must try and survive as the last standing combatant against the hundreds of other players online. Use the WASD keys to move around the map and use the left click mouse button to shoot. You must interact with various objects in the world to pick up supplies to survive.

Look for weapons and food and try to eliminate as many other players as possible. You also have to watch out for the poisonous gas that steadily closes in on the map and makes the playable area smaller - if you get caught in the gas you will eventually die. Consider your strategy and try to survive at all costs. This game requires skill, quick reactions and perseverance! Become the Zombs Royale champion today!

Curve Fever Pro

Curve Fever Pro is an epic multiplayer io game in which you must compete against up to 6 other players around the world. This game contains more features than the awesome original including a variety of powers you can use to steal points from your opponents. You can customize your in-game avatar as well as your curve with fun skins.

Make your way around the map and try to eliminate your enemies by trapping them with your curve. Try to avoid smashing into other players curves while using your powers to steal their points. Can you master Curve Fever Pro?


Curve Fever Pro

We’ve Got a Fever, and the Only Prescription is Curve Fever Pro!

Some games are great for just passing the time, but not Curve Fever unblocked. This is one of the most intense online games we’ve ever played, and for great reason. Once you pull it up, you’re dropped right into a highly competitive environment with up to five other ship captains. It’s an all-out battle, and the only way to w­in is to be the last one standing! Well, flying, that is. In Curve Fever pro, you play ­­as a swashbuckling spaceship captain with a single goal: take out all of the competition. We love this game because of the heart-pounding, round-based gameplay. Play against real opponents and make every angle count, because the slightest error could mean disaster for you and your beautiful ship! Before we start talking up all the cutting-edge features of this online multiplayer bonanza, let’s break into a Curve Fever how to pay tutorial. 

How to Play

Alright, so here’s the basic gist of the gameplay. You and up to five other ship captains are going to be jetting around in the Curve Fever io arena. It’s not a very big space, mind you, so you will quickly be bumping into your neighbor, for better or worse. As you fly around, your ship will release a deadly “chem trail” out of its turbo engines, meaning that anyone who so much as grazes it will be disintegrated! It’s a two-way street, of course. You have to avoid your opponents’ chem trails and the edges of the arena if you want to avoid crashing and stay alive. Speaking of staying alive, this is how the scoring works: for each round, the player that lives until the end scores the most points. The second to last player alive scores a few less points, then the third, and so on and so forth. Whoever gets to a hundred points first wins! Well, now that you know how to play, let’s show you how to win, eh?

Corner Like a Pro

Before we can even begin to think about all of the fancy bonuses and power ups you can get in these Curve Fever awesome internet games (and trust us, there are plenty), you definitely need to master your cornering skills. Why do you think the word “curve” is in the name of the game? It’s super important that you first learn how that trusty hunk of metal handles. In order to win, you will have to come very, very close to your opponents, their chem trails and the edge of the arena, so just take a few rounds to fly around and test the turn radius. Bank to the left, swerve to the right, dodge your opponents and box them in a corner whenever you can. That’s step one – learning how to fly your ship. Once you’ve got these Curve Fever tips mastered, we can start looking at the really fun stuff: power ups!

Earn, Equip and Use 30+ Power Ups

By far, this Curve Fever unblocked game is one of the most amazing games to play online when it comes to super advanced power ups. Look, we’re not just talking about one or two little power ups that pop up randomly on the map. This game has an entire power up leveling system that gives you access to more than 30 power ups as you progress through the game! Each one has a specific function that can give you a boost and/or set your opponents back, so it’s all about learning how you want to play and using the power ups that suit you best. To give you a few examples, you start out with the homing power up, which allows you to shoot a fireball that locks onto opponents and steals points! Beyond that, you can get speed boosts, shields, mines, brakes and other flying capabilities, sharper turns, and the list goes on and on. To make it even fancier, the game lists each power ups specific stats, like projectile speed and cooldown time. 

Enjoy Intense Online Action

Even without all of the fancy bells and whistles, you’ll enjoy Curve Fever 1 for all of the cool multiplayer features that it brings to the table. In addition to the live, online play, you can also chat with people in your lobbies and invite others. After one round of intense action is over, you can hop in another game to challenge new people and showcase your skills. All the while, you’ll be leveling up and earning new powers. After a certain amount of XP, you’ll be awarded crates with all kinds of goodies and loot inside, so make sure to open those. It feels like a real online multiplayer experience because it is! Can you believe it’s free? Pretty awesome, right?

Sometimes, the Fever Spreads

Trust us, it’s very, very easy to get addicted to this Curve Fever game – we call it “catching the Curve Fever.” Every once in a while, though, that fever will spread to other games. You’ll hunger for more multiplayer battles and high score challenges eventually, and when you do, we’ve got your back! Hop into our Multiplayer Games category and take your pick, because they’re all free! If you want to play something similar to that’s unblocked, you can try your hand at Real Snakes Io and wriggle your way to the number one spot. Until then, drop into Curve Fever Pro and show us your piloting skills!

Shell Shockers io

Shell Shockers is a multiplayer first-person-shooter game featuring egg characters. In the game, the player takes control of a violent egg armed with a shotgun and enters the arena. It is a real-time multiplayer game featuring battles with other players from around the world.


Blue Wizard Digital has brought a fun new title to the io genre and the name of the game is egg combat. Jump into the game and select your character name, egg type and game mode. In this game you must work hard to protect yourself and dish out damage to opposing eggs. Try out each game mode and see if you can conquer the shell shockers arena. Some gamers even stream their gameplay live so you could become famous!

Game modes

There are three awesome game modes to pick: free for all, teams, and capture the spatula:
  • Free for all pits you against everyone else in the arena: every egg for themselves.
  • Teams allow players to fight with other fellow egg players and try to eliminate the opposing team. It's a no-holds-barred deathmatch where only one team of eggs can win.
  • Capture the spatula is a fun twist on the famous capture the flag mode.


Players can pick from 6 different egg classes: scrambler, free ranger, eggsploder, whipper, crackshot and soldier. Each class has a different weapon and varied skills. Crackshot, for example, carries a sniper rifle and has excellent accuracy. Alternatively, eggsploder wields a deadly rocket launcher and has maximum damage output. Other notable weapons include the machine gun, and a rifle a shotgun. Players must utilize different skills to use the various items. For example, a machine gun requires great accuracy, whereas a shotgun is a close quarters weapon.


Shell Shockers is developed by Blue Wizard Digital (formerly known as the Egg and Dairy Ministry of Belarus). They have also developed other games such as Slayaway Camp and Space Tyrant.

Release Date

September 2017


Web browser

Tips & Tricks

  • You can hide in the boxes!
  • Think about an attack strategy.
  • Make sure you recognize the three different egg-soldiers: Soldier, Scrambler and Free Ranger.
  • Collect packs of eggs in order to increase the number of bullets.


  • Gamepad is now supported!
  • WASD to move
  • Left click to shoot
  • E to change weapon
  • Q to throw a grenade
  • R to reload
  • Space bar to jump
  • Shift bar to zoom and aim


How to play Shell Shockers?

  • Pick a username and a game mode, click Play
  • Optionally customize your loadout and team
  • Explore the map, shoot down enemies, and collect upgrades

Is Shell Shockers safe?

Yes, Shell Shockers is a safe game. It does feature guns which is a concern for some people. However, the setting is cartoon-like and so there is no realistic gun violence of any sort in the game.

What games are similar to Shell Shockers?

The most similar game to Shell Shockers is Krunker. It's also a first-person shooter in the .io games series. Another option, by the same developer, is SideArms.

How to create private games in Shell Shockers?

  • Right below the PLAY button, select Create
  • Choose the game type and server
  • Select the map
  • Press play

Skribbl io is a top multiplayer drawing game, If you enjoy games such as Pictionary, you will have so much fun playing this multiplayer drawing game. In this title, users must battle against each other using drawings and their own knowledge. Whilst playing this game, users take it in turns to drawn objects and try to guess them.


Each user takes their turn to draw - there are other players present in the game too who can participate in the game chat. The chosen user has to draw whatever word they are given. Other players have to guess it to gain points. Players must be extremely fast and maintain concentration so that they can guess quickly.

The game consists of drawing and guessing. Each round, players must try and guess the word - the quicker the word is guessed, the more points a player gains. Players must be extremely quick to get the top spot so that they can draw their chosen word in the next round.

At the top of the playing screen, the word is underlined - this allows players to know how many letters are in the world. For each round, there is a timer - if a player doesn’t guess the word in the designated time, they don’t gain any points.

For those who enjoy word game, this title will provide so much fun. Players can have fun trying to guess drawings. Moreover, they can also try out their drawing skills and see what works of art they can create.

If you enjoy word games or io games, why not try out some other titles?, for example, is a fun drawing game in which players can join together to create art one pixel at a time.

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The genre of .io games has just evolved to the completely new level! The principle of this game is well-known to all of you, guys. Eat glowing balls, and become the biggest monster worm on the entire game board. You will not be eating your smaller opponents, though. In fact, you should try to avoid any contact with them.



If you hit an enemy worm with your face, the game ends for you, and you have to start from scratch. We also have some new mechanics here. You can now use certain special moves to ouplay your opponents, and when you use them in right time, you can eliminate even much bigger players. Competition is waiting for you to join the thrill, so what are you waiting for? Lets battle for the highest ranks right now! Have fun.

Wormax io is yet another game inspired by Slither clone, and it is definitely a fun one! Play with your friends or against other people and grow to become the longest snake in the arena. If you like this game's gameplay, make sure to also try out, Angry Snakes, and all of our other io games!

This epic io game is a total feeding frenzy! Take control of a glow worm and see if you can outlive, outlast and out-eat all of your opponents. game is also available on the Apple App Store or you can get it on Google Play.

Play Google Feud

Google Feud is a Google guessing game with the same quiz-style as Family Feud. You have to guess the top 10 most common queries based on a partial search phrase. There are four categories; culture, people, names and questions. How well do you know your fellow Googlers?


Google Feud

Each correct answer gives you a certain amount of points. Earn as many points as you can and win this popular game! Didn't manage to win? Don't worry try a new game!

This game uses the Google autocomplete function and tests you whilst playing Google at its own game. There are four categories to choose from - people, culture, names, and questions. Each category has a different set of search strings that you must guess correctly.

This simple game called Google feud is highly addictive and will keep you guessing for hours. See if your train of thought aligns with the general public, and with the Google API, or find out if you are miles apart and search for bizarre things!


Google Feud was created by the American developer Justin Hook. Justin is a creative genius who created TV shows (for example Bob's burgers), comic books, and several viral websites!


  • Four categories: culture, people, names, and questions
  • Three wrong guesses limit
  • Simple to play but is very challenging
  • Fullscreen available


How to play

Pick one of the categories and try to answer the given question. There are 10 answers available and you can only afford 3 wrong guesses in each round. Have fun!


Use your mouse and keyboard to play.


How do you play Google Feud?

Think about what the most likely search phrases are and take a guess.

What is Google Feud?

Google Feud is a Google guessing game where you guess the ten most commonly searched phrases. Much like Family Feud, you're allowed 3 incorrect guesses.

Does Google Feud have an app?

There is no official app for Google Feud. It can easily be played in your web browser on desktop or mobile.

Is Google Feud multiplayer?

There is currently no online multiplayer mode in Google Fued.